Group Norms

Our "group norms" are the principles that guide our discussions, meetings, and events:

  • I will lean into difficult conversations
  • I believe everyone is doing their best most of the time
  • I will critique ideas, not people
  • I will use "I" statements
  • I will accept a lack of closure
  • I will not make assumptions about other people's identities
  • I will take care of myself and take breaks if I need to
  • I will agree that what is shared here stays here and what is learned here leaves here
  • Call IN rather than call OUT- but never feel obligated or required to call someone in
  • Understand that we are all on different levels of awareness of issues- be understanding with each other
  • Engage in active listening- NO interrupting.
  • Say "completing statement" or use thumbs up reaction button (or actual thumbs up) in zoom to show that you are done speaking
  • Use "raised hand" function when you want to speak (in zoom)- this is a feature we will keep in our back pocket, should we need it
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