Envest Event:  September 14, 4pm
Zoom Link:  https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/94408127416#success

Sally Sagario, Operations Manager for NAMI Greater Las Angeles County, In your Own Voice Coordinator.

Dr. Bethany A. Thrasher, Assistant Professor, Dr. Of Nursing Program

Envest Event:    July, 2022

Dr. Mollie B. Nordgren

Envest Event:  June, 2022

Dr. Joy Parchment

Envest Event:

 May 2022

Building a Culture of Inclusiveness in Nursing with Dr. Selena Murphy

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Cleveland Piggott entitled "Health Equity Work: It Takes a Village." Dr. Piggott is a family physician at the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine, and will be speaking with us about ways that a unified healthcare team can meet the needs of it's community.

Tonzia Buor is the Vice President of Human Resources at North Suburban Medical Center. She will be joining us to discuss how to be an inclusive healthcare provider, from an HR perspective.

"With extraordinary access, this documentary offers an intimate look at the pioneering work of Dr. Jess Ting (he/him) at the groundbreaking Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery to bring quality transition-related care to New York City."

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